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There are no shortage of reds to choose from when it comes to selecting the right shade for your latest tattoo design, however Ruby Red is a fantastic option for a variety. The darker, warmer colouration of this particular red ensures that it blends more naturally, particularly in areas of the design that aren’t intended to attract too much attention, it is also a more neutral selection when working with warmer or darker skin tones. The high quality of the eternal ink ensures that the colour is less likely to fade as the tattoo heals and means that the ink will not solidify, as testing has proved. The manufacture of the ink also uses a selection of the best possible non-toxic, organic materials and we even sterilize the ink in order to ensure the best possible healing process for your customers and a reduced likelihood of a skin reaction.
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Ruby Red is a popular shade that is being used more and more by tattoo artists around the world due to the deeper, warmer shade of red. The shade is this particular ink help it to blend more naturally with shading and highlights in the design and provides a more neutral tone than a vibrant red, which also makes it a more attractive option for use on those with warmer skin tones. Eternal Inks are all manufactured with the same care and attention to ensure the high quality of the product, this ensures that the ink offers a long lasting and beautiful colour for any design. The ink is manufactured using non-toxic, organic ingredients to ensure that it is less likely to cause a reaction, even for those of your customers with sensitive skin. We also like to ensure that the ink is as safe as possible to use, so we ensure it remains fresh by never freezing it and sterilize our inks using advanced gamma ray technology to eliminate any bacteria that could be potentially harmful to your customers. This will help to reduce the chances of infection, not just a skin reaction. The high quality of the inks are ensured thanks to thorough testing and a great deal of experience, eternal inks have been producing these popular products for more than nine years using the best available organic ingredients to produce a spectacular range of colours that artists around the world love.