Eternal Ink Andrea Afferni Natural Fawn 1oz

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Eternal Ink Andrea Afferni Natural Fawn 1oz
Eternal Ink Andrea Afferni Natural Fawn 1oz

Eternal Andrea Afferni, an awarding winning Italian artist for his realistic portraits has brought to you his very own portrait ink set.
Portrait art requires an experienced eye for colour however using Andrea Afferni's set will simplify this for you and allow you to enhance your portraits, figures, and pin-ups. Giving you the skin colours will enable you to be able to soften transitions from light to shadowed flesh without losing the illusion of life in your art.

Organic, vegan-friendly, and non-toxic choice in tattoo inks.

Eternal Ink is a USA made ink that meets European regulations. The product is backed by a veteran tattoo artist who knows what you need in ink. The colours are some of the brightest, and the water-based pigment is manufactured without ever being frozen. You'll get a fresh pigment that hasn't been compromised in the production process.