Eternal Zombie Ink - Infected Skin

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The perfect shade of infected skin is hard to find; the colour found on the flesh just before the infection takes a limb, or even a life. To save you the trouble of having to find that shade in obscure places eternal inks have provides this and a number of other fantastic horror and zombie themed colours as part of their rather unique range of zombie colours. These are all high quality, long lasting shades that provide the perfect colour for all of your undead artwork. As with all eternal inks this is produced using natural materials to ensure the end result is a non-toxic, organic option, which we never freeze and sterilize before distribution.
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Eternal Ink Zombie Infected Skin 1oz
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When it comes to selecting the perfect dead, horror or zombie theme tattoo design one of the key factors is the colour used. Zombie tattoos in particular are increasing in popularity, making the requirements on you to supply the perfect colours for the undead particularly stressed. To ensure that even your most unusual needs are met eternal inks have produced this fantastic selection of undead, dead and dying colours for you to choose from which include everything from deathly skin tones, disease ridden skin tones and of course a selection of the most common blood shades. These are available in a selection of sizes to ensure you have what you need for the job, regardless of how big or small that may be. Like all eternal inks these are produces using a selection of natural materials to ensure not only the high quality and long lasting durability of the colour, but also to ensure that the ink produced is an organic and non-toxic one. The quality of the ink is further improved by our process of sterilization, something that very few other suppliers invest in despite the benefits. We use gamma radiation to eliminate any bacteria in the ink, as it is most commonly this bacteria that would have cause irritation, allergic reaction or even infection.