Eternal Zombie Ink - Dried Blood

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This particular ink provides a rare, accurate option for the perfect colour of dried blood, giving you the realistic bluish hue that dried blue often acquires before turning black. This is a high quality ink that will continue to appear bold and strong for a long time after application on the skin is not surprisingly part of the Eternal Ink Zombie range, given that it provides all the qualities you might be looking for when acquiring inks for your undead artwork. This is a non-toxic, organic pigment ink, so it unlikely to cause irritation to the skin. None of our inks are ever frozen, so you know that any ink you order from us is fresh, we also sterilize all of our inks before distribution, so you can be confident of the ink’s cleanliness.

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Eternal Ink Zombie Dried Blood 1oz
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Zombies are growing in popularity as a feature and theme for modern tattoos, so it is hardly surprising that you would find yourself on the hunt for the colours of the undead flesh. To help you we have a fantastic selection of zombie colours, including this eternal dried blood shade, which offers the unique bluish hue that dried blood so often acquires before turning black. The inks in this selection are all specifically and carefully produced to represent the realistic colours of the living deceased and provide a high quality, long lasting colour on the skin. These are available in a selection of sizes to help ensure that you have as much ink as you need without increasing your costs and waste materials any more than you have to. The inks are produced using a selection of natural materials that help to ensure that the inks are organic and non-toxic, which aids in the comfort of your customers as it means the ink is less likely to cause irritation to the skin. To further aid in this process we also ensure that all of our inks are sterilized, this is done using gamma ray technology to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria that might have otherwise been present within the ink that could have caused irritation or infection.