Eternal Muted Earth Tones Ink - Dirty Money

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Eternal Dirty Money is an attractive, vibrant shade of dark turquoise which provides a fantastic option when it comes to a deep, neutral shade. This is a natural shade and thus part of the eternal ink muted earthtone range, but still offers a more vibrant colour than many of the alternative natural shades. The medium tone means it blends well with an assortment of other colours and of course the ink itself is high quality to ensure that it retains the bold colouration for a long time after being applied to the skin. The ink is produced using a selection of the best possible natural materials to ensure that the end result is an organic, non-toxic pigment ink.
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Eternal Ink Muted Earth Tones Dirty Money 1oz
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The Eternal Dirty Money is a lovely, natural shade similar to a dark turquoise, this is part of the eternal inks Muted Earthtone range. The colour provides a neutral, relaxing and cool shade which can make an excellent option in detailed or simple designs regardless of whether it provides a colour for the smaller details or a larger section of colour. This is a high quality ink that provides lasting colour, and a vibrant solution that will suit a wide variety of designs, skin tones and colours. The ink is produced using a selection of the best possible natural ingredients in order to ensure that the ink is organic and non-toxic, which means that it is less likely to cause irritation to the skin during the process of application and healing than some alternatives. This is further aided by our process of sterilizing our inks before they are distributed, which helps to ensure that any bacteria that may have otherwise been present in the ink is removed, thus reducing the chances of irritation or infection. Our inks are supplied in a selection of sizes, which helps to ensure that you have the amount of ink you need without increasing cost or waste material any more than needed and we never freeze our inks, which means you know all of the ink you order from us is fresh.