Eternal Zombie Ink - Decomposed Skin

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This is just one in a range of zombie inks, the colour has, as the name might suggest, been inspired by the colour of decomposing flesh. Eternal decomposed flesh is designed and produced in such a ways and using such materials as to ensure a long lasting, deep colour to the ink after application to the skin, as well as easy blending with a selection of other shades. Zombies are an increasingly popular option in tattoo art today, so being able to meet the needs of your customers and provide them with the perfect, undead look they are seeking you should have access to the right colours, which is exactly what we provide. This range is, like all eternal inks, a reliable, durable, non-toxic and organic solution to your tattoo ink needs.
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Eternal Ink Zombie Decomposed Skin 1oz
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That perfect, decomposed skin colour can be rather difficult to find, particularly in the same rich, deep, realistic colour that this particular shade offers. Eternal Inks provide a fantastic zombie range for your convenience, offering you all of your favourite shades of undead and dying. The eternal inks range use a selection of the best possible materials to ensure that the end result is an organic, non-toxic solution to your tattoo ink needs. These inks are never frozen, so you can be completely certain that the ink is as fresh as possible when delivered, and of course we ensure that all of our inks are sterilized, this is done using advanced gamma ray technology to eliminate any bacteria that could potentially cause irritation or infection. These precautions, alongside the organic materials that are used in the production of the ink, help to ensure that the ink is less likely to cause a reaction on the skin when applied, which means that you can concentrate on your tattooing without having to worry that the ink might be causing discomfort to your customers. For your convenience these inks are available in a selection of sizes, thus ensuring that regardless of how big or detailed the tattoo you are designing may be you will be sure to have the right amount of ink for the job, and without increasing costs and or waste materials any more than is really needed.