Eternal Ink - Dark Red

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Eternal Red is a great shade for a wide variety of uses and in order to help you meet these uses we supply the inks in a wide variety of sizes, giving you the opportunity to select the size that best suits your needs regardless of what those may be, and without increasing your cost and waste materials. We also ensure that all of the inks we supply are never frozen, so you can be certain that they are fresh. Of course all of our inks are also sterilized, so you can be particularly confident that the inks are less likely to cause a reaction on the skin.

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Eternal Ink 1/2oz Dark Red
8,99 € inkl. Mwst.: 10,79 €
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Eternal Ink Red Dark 1oz
16,99 € inkl. Mwst.: 20,39 €
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The eternal dark red is a fantastic, deep shade of red, full of warmth and offering a vibrant colour for use in any number of designs. This is a bright, long-lasting shade that will draw attention to the finest details of the most intricate designs, or provide a passionate shade in any number of other designs. There are no limits with the use of this wonderful shade of red, and although reds might be a common problem area the eternal inks are all produced using a selection of natural materials that help to ensure the ink is organic and non-toxic, which reduces the chances of irritation or a reaction occurring as a result of the ink being applied to the skin. To further reduce the chances of irritation, or even infection, we sterilize all of our inks using gamma ray technology, which eliminates any potentially harmful bacteria that may have otherwise been present within the ink. You can have complete confidence in our inks, as we never freeze the ink you know that everything you order will be delivered fresh. We also ensure that our inks are supplied in a selection of sizes, which helps to ensure that all of your needs are met, regardless of whether you use a little or a lot of the deep reds in any given space of time, you can acquire as much ink as you need without increasing cost and waste materials more than you have to.