Eternal Muted Earth Tones Ink - Burnt Orange

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Eternal Burnt Orange is a beautiful and natural shade of brown-orange, just as it would appear in nature. This is a great shade for use in a number of designs given that the shade is soft enough to be used in large areas without looking out of place or drawing too much attention, but is bright enough to attract attention if used alongside contrasting or darker colours. With the ink being part of the Eternal Ink Muted Earthtones range you can be certain that it is produced to the same standard as all eternal ink colours, meaning that it of course offers a non-toxic, organic pigment ink solution to all of your tattoo ink needs.
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Eternal Ink Muted Earth Tones Burnt Orange 1oz
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There are a wide selection of colours within the Muted Earthtones range, all of which are rich, vibrant, natural colours that provide and attractive and long lasting colour option for any purpose an artist could consider. All of these inks are available in a selection of bottle sizes, thus allowing you to purchase only what you need to reduce costs and the amount of waste material produced in the process. In order to further ensure convenience to you, as well as your confidence as an artist, the inks are produced using a selection of natural ingredients so as to ensure that the end result is an organic, non-toxic pigment ink, thus less likely to cause a reaction when applied to the skin. The shade itself is a neutral, dark orange with a brownish tint; the perfect shade of burnt orange. The quality ensures that the ink maintains its bold hue even after application to the skin and is a great tone for blending with a range of complementary and contrasting shades. As we value you and your customers we ensure that none of our ink is frozen during any stage of processing or distribution, so that you can have fully confidence in the freshness of the ink you order from us. We also ensure that all of our inks are sterilized using some of the latest technology and gamma radiation to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria in the ink that may have been there otherwise. These precautions help to ensure the comfort as well as the safety of your customers.