Eternal Ink - Bumble Bee Yellow

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Eternal provide a wide selection of fantastic colours for you to choose from, including a number of shades of yellow. Bumble bee is a particularly popular option due to the softer and more subtle shade of yellow it provides, particularly when compared to bright yellow. The softer colouration makes is a more suitable and desirable option for use with warmer skin tones and the quality of the eternal pigment ink ensures that the colour will be long lasting, retaining the vibrant colouration to ensure an attractive end result. As is the case with all eternal inks, the high quality is not limited to the long lasting colour, but the manufacture also ensures that the ink uses non-toxic, organic materials that ensure there is less likely to be a reaction on the skin as a result of the inks, even when it comes to sensitive skin.
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Eternal Ink Bumble Bee 1oz
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Eternal Ink - Bumble Bee Yellow - 2oz (60ml)
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There are lots of different options when it comes to selecting the right yellow, your customer might not know which shade they want but as the artist you should be capable of selecting the most complementary shade to their needs. Bumble bee yellow is a more subtle, softer shade and thus more suitable for warmer skin tones and tattoo designs that are less about vibrant colour and attracting attention and more about the warmth of the colours chosen. This is, of course, a high quality pigment ink that won’t fade nearly as much as some of the alternatives, and due to the fact eternal inks are manufactured using a non-toxic, organic materials the ink is less likely to cause a reaction on your customer’s skin; even if they have sensitive skin. The reliability of the option aids the popularity of the tattoo ink and of course makes it a more enjoyable option for you as an artist; knowing that the colour will remain bright and beautiful for years to come will give you more confidence to use the brighter colours. In order to further ensure the benefits of working with eternal inks we ensure that all of the inks are properly sterilized by using advanced gamma radiation technology to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria within the inks you can ensure that there is reduced risk of infection. The sterilization of the inks also helps to reduce the chances that one of your customers will have a reaction to the ink, even if they have sensitive skin.