Eikon Green Monster 2 Coloring Coil Machine

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Eikon Green Monster 2 Coloring Coil Machine
Eikon Green Monster 2 Coloring Coil Machine

The Eikon Green Monster Coil Machines are designed, developed and manufactured by Eikon in Canada and are also hand-tuned by tattoo artist Mack Bregg. An updated frame design and better coil placement allows for ultra efficiency when working. The cold-rolled 1018 steel frame provides strength and stability to ensure your work remains uninterupted. The frame itself is precision cut from a solid block of steel, milled and then ground to perfection

Each Green Monster comes fitted with Eikon quality hardware including Eikon Tru-Spring armature bars and springs as well as Eikon Crown Standard (hand wrapped) coils with pre-soldered capacitors for easy replacement.

Machine Specs:
* Coils: 8 Wrap Crown Standard Coils (1.25'')
* Armature Bar: High Lift - Heavy
* Front Spring: Tru Spring 0.016
* Back Spring: Tru Spring 0.018
* Capacitor: 47uF

Tuning Notes:
* Volts: 8.4
* Loaded with 9 mag shader
* Duty: 50 Loaded
* CPS: 107 Loaded
* FT: 0

Available in 4 standard tunings (Fine Lining, Lining, Coloring and Shading)