Ebony Nitrile Gloves

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Choose Ebony Nitrile gloves as a premium supply for your tattoo studio. Designed especially for the professional tattoo artist, these gloves are made from a high quality nitrile material. This offers great flexibility and comfort, whilst still providing optimum protection for both the artist and the client. The nitrile material is ideal for those with allergies as it is 100% NR Latex free, helping to reduce the risk of a reaction. They also do not have the powder lining which many medical grade gloves have as standard. This helps to reduce allergies and contamination during the tattoo process.
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These gloves are made from super soft nitrile material that is ideal for those who suffer with a latex allergy. It is also extremely flexible and hard wearing. These gloves are a truly high performance product and are 100% NR latex free. They are produced in a unique matt black colour which helps to hide the appearance of ink or dye stains that you may encounter during the tattoo process. This special shade of black can also help to reduce the amount of eye strain caused in artificial lighting conditions such as those in the tattoo studio. Allow yourself to tattoo for extended periods with these gloves that are both extremely comfortable and durable for use in the tattoo process. These Ebony gloves feature a specialist anti-friction coating on the inside made from polymer. This helps the glove to put on and taken off much more easily than traditional powder lined gloves. Since they are powder free it also means that there is less chance of contamination of both the tattooed area and the studio environment. The advanced super grip coating also means that the gloves allow you to have complete control over the tattoo machine or piercing instrument you are using whilst wearing the protective gear.