Dynamic Heavy White Tattoo Ink

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When it comes to finding the ideal white ink there are not many options that can compare against the Dynamic Heavy White Tattoo Ink, this provides you with a uniquely vibrant and durable selection, certain to offer a fantastic colour on the skin for some time to come. While some of the alternatives may give you a white type healed colour, usually looking slightly creamy or dirty because of the lower quality of the ink, this offers you a crisp, bright and clear shade of white, and it stays that way for much longer than any other option on the market, making it stand out against alternatives which are known for fading in a very short time.

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Dynamic Heavy White Tattoo Ink - 1oz
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Dynamic Heavy White Tattoo Ink - 8oz
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White the White tattoo Ink is popular and durable, this is an even more vibrant selection; the Dynamic Heavy White Tattoo ink. While white inks may be famous for their incredibly short life on this skin this particular option pushes all of the boundaries, it offers a fantastic, pure and clear white, which heals fantastically well on the skin to maintain that vibrant white colouration. However with the heavy white the healed colour is even brighter, crisper an clearer, to provide a colour that lasts even longer on the skin and provides the ideal option for work with white ink tattoo designs. This is of course part of the dynamic inks range produced by Technical Tattoo Supplies, specifically for the purpose of providing new, bolder and more vibrant colour on the skin than ever before, and this is certainly something that they have accomplished. This is not just a fantastic colour, but a fantastic ink, available in either 1oz or 8oz bottles you are sure to get the right amount for your particular needs, and this ink offers the ideal consistency, pushing into the skin smoothly and easily while providing an ink that retains the fantastic white, ideal for both white tattoos and white colouring in a variety of other tattoos.