Duval Forceps

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These Duval forceps are ideal for use by piercers and professionals within the studio. They allow you to have a greater amount of grip and control on the area of skin you are working on. This means it can be easily manipulated into the correct position and angle for piercing, which is crucial for creating straight and accurate piercing sites. These types of forceps are usually favoured for eyebrow piercings, as well as both genital and nipple piercings. Their small head has a gentle amount of serration to allow for an excellent grip on the skin, even in awkward places. These forceps also have an open section in the head, which is perfect for piercing use.
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Duval Forceps-Open End
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These Duval forceps are commonly used in the piercing studio. They allow the piercer to have a secure grip on the area of skin or flesh that is about to be pierced. Increasing the level of control over the area is a big advantage when creating a new piercing site as it ensures that it is carried out accurately and means that there is minimised risks for the client. This can include misalignment, crooked piercings as well as stretched or torn skin if the wrong instruments or tools are used for the procedure. Purchase high quality piercing tools to give your clients a professional grade experience as well as making it much simpler for you to create superb piercings. These Duval forceps are commonly used for eyebrow piercings as well as genital and nipple piercings. Their small, angular head allow the piercer to have control of the skin in awkward and sensitive areas. The forceps are also formed with an open section in the head of them. This is very helpful from a piercing point of view as it creates the perfect guide area for insert the needle through. It means that the piercer can simply focus on the area to be pierced.