Stingray Spare Cam Kit - Various Strokes

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Should you find that you need spare or replacement parts for your stingray tattoo machine there are plenty of options for replacing all of the key components, and of course this particular selection offers an entire kit, featuring cams of various stroke lengths to ensure that you have access to what you need, regardless of what that may be. Because the components of your tattoo machine are so small they can be misplaced very easily, and of course when it comes to the cams they are interchangeable, with different sizes offering different effects on the skin, which means that it is even easier to misplace these particular items. These are colour coded, allows you to quickly and easily identify the sizes and types, and are manufactured to the same high standards as the original components, so you can be completely confident of their durability and reliability.
When you work with a Stingray tattoo machine there will be times when you need to replace some of the components, either because you have managed to damage them, or more likely because you have misplaced them – which is very easily done due to the small size of tattoo machine components. Of course, should you find yourself replacing the machine’s cams a little more frequently you may find that this replacement cam kit provides you with the best possible solution to your needs. The kit includes a selection of cam sizes and types; 3.5mm standard, 3.5mm smooth, 3mm medium and 2.6mm short and smooth. And to help you distinguish quickly and easily these are even colour coded with black for the standard 3.5mm, blue for the smooth 3.5mm, green for the medium 3mm and red for the short and smooth 2.6mm. When it comes to working with tattoo machines there are a lot of individual components, most of which are incredibly small, and while they are not easy to damage they are easy to lose.