Disposable Instrument Tray

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These disposable instrument trays allow you to keep all of the necessary supplies and equipment directly on hand during your tattoo sessions. Keeping them in a sterile environment such as on this tray means that they will continue to be hygienic and ready for use. It also means that all your equipment, supplies and instruments can be kept in a tidy and organised fashion. This can help dramatically when you are hard at work in a long tattoo session and want to find different needle configurations, tips, grips, tubes or simply just washing fluid during the tattoo process.
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Disposable Instrument Tray (Pack of 50)
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These disposable instrument trays enable you to safely place your instruments, equipment and supplies in a designated area in your workspace. This makes them safer for others that are in and around the space as they will be in full view and are in the same place every time you have a tattooing session. It also means you can be fully prepared with a variety of needles, tips, grips and tubes all carefully arranged and organised. There is also space of your pigment and ink caps to keep them secure without risk of being knocked over accidentally. Having you supplies on hand in these convenient disposable tray means that you will always be able to find what you need quickly and easily. This type of organisation helps to keep your work flow from being disturbed and interrupted. Using foresight to see what you are likely to need in your session makes it run more smoothly and you are less likely to become stressed or frustrated as everything you need for a successful tattoo sitting is on hand right by your side. Being disposable means you can cut down on the risk of cross contamination between clients and tattoo sessions.