Disposable Biopsy Punch

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These disposable products help to reduce the risk of introducing contaminates into the environment of your studio. They are supplied to you sealed into individual packets that have been pre sterilised. This means there is a lower chance of you and your clients being exposed to viruses, bacteria, germs or infection from the equipment. The biopsy punches have a main body of plastic, with a carbon steel tip. This is razor sharp and cylindrical in shape. This formation is deal for making accurate and clean incisions, as well making it easy to remove the section from the skin.
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These Biopsy punches are ideal for use in the piercing industry, despite their original medical use for taking accurate samples from patients for testing. The item has a carbon steel tip which is razor sharp. Shaped in a cylindrical form, this allows for a clean incision into the skin, as well as easy removal of the section. Biopsy punches are ideal for larger gauge piercings if the customer would prefer to have instant results as opposed to using the traditional method of gradually stretching a piercing. Many tattoo artists and piercers will use the standard method of using a needle and only use biopsy punches when they are confident that the client realises that their piercing may not be easily reversed. The skin cannot be repaired in the same way as stretched tunnels, due to an area being completely removed rather than simply distorted. These types of instant piercings are much more painful than creating the same size gauge through the gradual stretching process. Allow your studio to create clean and accurate piercing procedures. They are supplied sealed into individual packets and are also pre sterilised for your convenience. They also feature safety sealed tubes to prevent any accidents or reusing in error.