D-Grip Hawk Pen - Ergo Round (Pk 6)

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D-Grip Hawk Pen - Ergo Round (Pk 6)

Cheyenne Hawk Pen D-Grips

Fully Disposable Pen Grips Available in 3 Ergonomic Designs

Fully disposable pen grips manufactured by Cheyenne for their hugely popular Cheyenne Hawk Pen. All 3 designs have been design, manufactured & tested with comfort in mind. Each grip type has been carefully thought out and ergonomically design to provide long lasting comfort for every type of lining & shading work you can imagine.

The range of 3 D-Grips include the Ergo One Inch, Ergo Round and Ergo Long. Easily changable and easy to fit, the grips simply sit on the end of the Cheyenne Hawk Pen and make the process more comfortable for the tattooist.

Each D-Grip comes in a pack 6