Cyber Pik Ass Liner in Black

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This is a black tattoo machine with an iron frame. It has 10 wrap coils and weighs 215g. It is perfect for works on the contour and is a great liner. It has an operating range of between 4-10V, however this is dependent on the number of needles you are using and your preferred individual settings. The spring shelf has been milled at a special angle and weighing 151g, the machine has been individually numbered and adjusted. The machine is manufactured by one of Poland’s top tattoo supplies manufacturers, Cyber Tattoo Factory. They distribute high quality professional tattoo supplies and equipment.
The Cyber Pik Ass Liner in Black from the Cyber Tattoo Factory has a solid black iron frame with 10 wrap coils. It weighs 215g and is great for working on the contour. The machine operate at a range of between 4-10V depending on how you have your individual settings and how many needles you are using. It has a cast iron frame with a satin black finish. It is not only a practical and technically delicate machine it is also beautifully finished with elegant style. Cyber Tattoo Factory is Poland’s number one manufacturer and distributor and high quality tattoo supplies and equipment. Each one of these tattoo machines has been individually numbered and adjusted so you know you are getting a very high quality product.