Cyber Pik Ass Liner in Aluminium

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The Aluminium Pik Ass Liner is a fantastic tattoo machine from Poland’s leading tattoo supplies manufacturer. It if perfect for works on the contour and has a number of great features that make it an absolute pleasure to work with. It has a lightweight frame with an attractive brushed aluminium frame. The machine features 10 wrap springs and weighs only 151g. Each model is individually adjust and numbered so you know you are getting a quality piece of equipment for you collection. Depending on your individual settings and the needle type you are using the machine operates at somewhere between 4-10V.
The Aluminium Pik Ass Liner from Barber DTS is a fantastic lightweight tattoo machine. Weighing only 151g is it great for working anywhere on the body and at any angle. It is particularly good for works on the contour. The frame has been made from cast aluminium which has been milled and the surface has been made in ‘Frosted Aluminium’. The spring shelf has been milled at a special angle and the spring replacement is done without any bending. Each model of this machine has been individually numbered and adjusted so it is perfect for you. It features a 10 layered coil and operates at a range of between 4-10V. This is however dependant on the number of needles you are using and your individual settings.