Cleaning Brush Set Economy

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These brushes range in size from 1mm, 2mm, 5mm and 8mm. This selection means you will be able to thoroughly clean very small nook and cranny of the equipment and instruments. With a 10cm handle and a 3cm brush, these items making cleaning all of the small and narrow pieces in the tubes, tips and grips much easier. Made from nylon and stainless steel, even these brushes can be thoroughly sterilised to ensure that they hygienic and not spreading contaminates while you are trying to clean equipment. Make sure that your equipment is always clean to a very high standard. This can be achieved easily when you have the right tools at hand, like these useful brushes.
This handy set of cleaning brushes is ideal for a wide range of equipment, instruments and supplies in the tattoo studio. Ensuring that they are thoroughly clean before the sterilisation process is vital in confirming that they are made truly hygienic and sterile for the tattoo process. You should be taking as many steps as possible to protect both yourself and your clients from the risks posed by infection, bacteria, germs and viruses. Introducing these contaminates through poor sterilisation procedures can be very dangerous, as they can multiple to potentially hazardous levels. Thorough cleaning and sterilisation methods help to reduce the possibility of this happening in your studio, so always take the time to clean all your equipment, instruments and supplies in the proper manner. Having the right cleaning tools can help make the job more efficient and completed quickly. Adding this useful set of brushes to your cleaning and preparation area can really boost the method of removing ink and other fluids from the supplies. Tips, grips and tubes can be very tricky to clean, especially if they are designed for use with singular or low needle counts. These specially designed cleaning brushes offer you the selection of sizes to be compatible with whatever you need to clean.