Spare lead for Power Unit from Cheyenne

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This is a replacement plug for the Cheyenne HAWK power system. It is compatible with both the PU I system and the PU II. If you are using a HAWK drive then it is recommended that you use Cheyenne power supplies in order to give you the best results possible. This plug provides power from a wall outlet to the machine and comes with both and comes with both an EU and UK plug so is great for the travelling artist.
It is always useful to keep some spares in your studio in case something breaks. This plug is a replacement for the Cheyenne Power Supply PUI and PU II. It comes with both an EU and UK plug so you can use it in the UK and abroad. It is ideal for the travelling artist, especially if you regularly work in Europe. This plug uses a standard jack so can potentially be used with other machine, although you will always get the best results with products that have been designed for use with each other.