HAWK Spirit Motor in Orange

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It is important to remember that a grip is not included with this particular machine, but that doesn't make it any less valuable.

The Cheyenne HAWK Spirit Motor in Orange is a true masterpiece. It is tough and powerful while being sensitive at the same time. Due to the hard work of the Cheyenne HAWK engineers, this is now one of the very best tattoo machine available on the market today and is used by some of the world’s most famous tattoo artists. This is a reliable and sophisticated tool that will help your imagination fly. This is the next generation of the original design and is as precise, safe and clean as other models, with some fantastic new additional features.

Some of the new features of the Cheyenne HAWK Spirit Motor in Orange include noise and vibration reduction. This means a more comfortable working environment for you and a more relaxed atmosphere for the client. It is also now even more versatile with a range of new needles configurations allowing you to try out new styles and techniques and really let your imagination fly. The HAWK Spirit is light and small – perfect for carrying around and very easy to work with. It has an ergonomic design which will feel just like an extension of your hand and comes with 2 hand pieces which are great for smaller and larger hands. Cheyenne have also brought out some great new needle configuration designed for this machine which will give you even more variety with the same level of high quality you have come to expect from Cheyenne. You will get precise and clean punctures which allows you to really nail the intricate and detailed designs. The new advanced needle cartridges are completely disposable and are hygienic and incredibly easy to change. *Please note that grips are not included with this purchase.