HAWK Spirit Motor in Black

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It is important to remember that a grip is not included with this particular machine, but that doesn't make it any less valuable.

Cheyenne HAWK Spirit in Black is a reliable and sophisticated tool that allows tattoo artists to let their imagination flow free. This is the next generation of the popular classic and runs in exactly the same way with safety and precision but now has an even more solid design. It emits less noise and vibration which means a more comfortable experience for you and the clients with reduced excess sound. The machine now has even more versatility thanks to a brand new range of needle configurations. It has a fantastic ergonomic design that makes it easy and lightweight to work with.

Cheyenne HAWK Spirit Motor in Black is an all in one smart solution for experienced tattoo artists giving you powerful strokes, easy handling and a light, small ergonomic design. It is suitable for a wide variety of needles and has two hand pieces for both large and small hands. It is a flexible machine with perfect handling. It is easy to use on any area of the body at any angle. There is a visibly lessened amount of noise and vibration compared to older models which provides a quiet and calmer working atmosphere for both you and the clients. Lessened vibrations will also be less harsh on the client’s skin, causing less discomfort. This motor has been manufactured to allow for even more needle configurations that before allowing you maximum creativity and flexibility in your work. It has a great response to different skin types and it is the flexibility of this motor that sets it aside from any of its competitors. You get precise, clean punctures that are perfect for exact details and intricate designs. This machine is tough, powerful and sensitive, all at the same time, It is one of the best tattoo machines available on the market today and is used by many top artists from all over the world.