Hawk Phone Jack Plug Cap

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The HAWK Phone Jack Plug Cap is the perfect accessory to use to hook up your HAWK machine. It is an RCA Plug to Headphone Jack and it enables the standard footswitches to be connected to the Cheyenne HAWK power supplies. It is compatible with both the Cheyenne Hawk PU I Power System and the Cheyenne Hawk PU II Power System.

This Cheyenne HAWK RCA Plug to Headphone Jack has an all metal exteriors with an easy grip knurled pattern designed to make it easier to insert and remove from your footswitch. This is a great adaptor which has been designed to enable you to connect your power supply to your footswitch. It is compatible with both the PU I and PU II footswitches and is a very useful adaptor to have in the studio. Cheyenne is renowned for high quality and sophisticated technology. Their range of equipment has been designed for tattoo artists and is used by some of the most renowned artists in the industry.