Cheyenne - 19mm Fixed Grip - Stainless Steel

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This is a comfortable and reliable option when it comes to grips for your tattoo machines, regardless of whether you're using a rotary machine or a coil machine. The grips are manufactured using stainless steel, which ensures that they are a fantastic, durable selection that is resistant against damage; excellent for providing a long term solution. These are 19mm in diameter, and feature a ribbed stainless steel design to ensure the ease of use and comfort during use that you, as a professional artist, will need, particularly for longer tattooing sessions, they are also very quick and easy to change the cartridge, which helps to make the entire process more efficient.
The Cheyenne fixed grip is a reliable and effective option that provides professional tattoo artists with a wide array of possible benefits. These are suitable for use on any rotary or coil machine and are developed specifically to provide you with the comfort and ease of use that you would look for in any of your other tattoo supplies. The grip is a high quality stainless steel, which does make it a reliable and durable option, and of course it is resistant to marking and scratching. This particular produce offers a 19mm diameter, the needle depth is non-adjustable and the needle bar. This is a fantastic option for any tattoo artist looking for a more long term option, rather than any of the disposable alternatives. Of course they do have to be properly sterilized between uses, but this does reduce the cost of replacing the grips on a regular basis, and allows you to use a high quality material. This ribbed, stainless steel option is developed to ensure comfort and increased usability, and of course the cartridge is easy to change so you won?t waste time trying to change the cartridges while you?re working.