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Pencils give much more control than charcoal, as they are considerably easier to handle, however charcoal gives a wide variety of effects for shading and detail to give you the opportunity to produce more striking and detailed artwork. The combination of the two is of course this selection of charcoal pencils, which easy provide you with a comfortable and highly effective option for an artist pencil, and a much cleaner working experience too. These are available in light, dark and medium varieties, or as part of a blister pack which contains light, dark, medium and white.
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The charcoal pencils we supply are a fantastic and high quality option from Derwent. These provide you with an attractive finish to your artwork, regardless of what style you use or what type of artist you are, thanks to the exceptional quality of the products. The pencils are a desirable product, first of all simply because of the nature of the pencil design; these are easy to use, and don’t create a mess when you’re working with them, but they are still charcoal and do still provide you with the fantastic results of charcoal, making them a popular choice. Another quality that helps to make them desirable is the quality of the pencils, they provide beautifully soft, powdery charcoal within a firm, comfortable pencil, for great results. The pencils provide you with a selection of shades to suit your needs, providing the beautifully traditional effects from their use, but with the increased control that a pencil offers. There providing you with very bold, dark shades that offer heavy, striking effects, as well as medium tones that will offer the ideal middle ground to your work and well as offering brilliant blending. Then there is the light shade, which gives you a much softer colour fantastic for the lighter areas that aren’t quite highlighted to the same extend as the whites or negative space. Finally there is the pack of four, which provides you with each shade of charcoal and an additional, fourth pencil; white.