Brushpen Skinmarkers

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These brush pen skin markers from Edding are a professional tattoo supply and have been developed specially for use within the tattoo studio. Using a water based ink, they will not irritate or damage the skin when used in preparation to tattooing. They are also suitable for sensitive skins as there are no harsh or long lasting chemicals used in the formula. Ideal for editing stencils and creating freehand designed directly on the skin, these markers will no doubt prove very useful in the tattoo studio. There is also a large selection of colours available, meaning you can separate different sections of the design for various techniques or styles you may plan on using.

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Brushpen Skinmarkers -10 Different Colours
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These high quality skin markers from Edding are ideal for use in the tattoo studio. Ensure that you are always able to edit and touch up your stencils on the client easily by having the suitable supplies on hand. They are obviously also very good for creating free hand pieces directly on to the skin. These brush pen markers are available in a range of colours and can be purchased as a set of 10 pens or individually to suit your needs. They are supplied in colours including Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Violet, Pink and Light Blue. This range of colours allows you to truly outline which techniques or styles you are going to use on each area as well as the corresponding colours. They have been designed for use by tattoo artists. With a super fine tip you can create the intricate designs and detail you want in your stencils and outlines for the tattoo. The ink used in these markers is water based, meaning it will not damage or irritate the skin about to be worked on with the tattoo machine. These skin markers are completely hygienic and safe for use all over the body.