Black Widow Acetol Grip 25mm knurled

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This 25mm Acetol Knurled Grip is part of the new Black Widow premium range, Black Widow Gold. This is a premium brand including the highest quality tips and grips. These plastic tattoo Acetol grips are incredibly lightweight and have been made in England from medical grade Acetol. They have 2 socket set screws M4 x 4mm and have a knurled surface providing you with better grip and comfort. The grips are completely autoclaveable so you can maintain your studio hygiene standards. The lightweight material makes them both comfortable and versatile so your creativity can shine through.
Barber DTS has a wide range of tattoo supplies including these fantastic Acetol grips. They are 25mm and are part of the new premium Black Widow range, Black Widow Gold. The Acetol grips have been made from the highest quality materials and are very lightweight so you can get the versatility you need from your tattoo equipment to ensure you are producing work of the highest quality. The grips are made from medical grade Acetol and are totally autoclaveable which means you can maintain hygiene standards in the studio. They have a knurled surface which makes grip a lot easier and gives you better control over the tattoo machine. There is also a range of different sizes so you can find the one that is most comfortable for you to work with.