5 Magnum Closed Tip

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Black Widow has a brand new premium range of tattoo tips. These 5 Magnum Closed Tip has been made from the highest quality 316L stainless steel and are fully autoclaveable. The closed box end means more secure needles and less vibrations. The tips have been CNC machined and have a polished finish. They would make a fantastic addition to any studio, they give a comfortable experiencing whilst delivering precision and quality. They are fully autoclaveable so you can maintain hygiene standards in the studio and come in a range of different sizes for different needle configurations.
Black Widow Gold 5 Magnum Closed Tips is part of the new Magnum Gold range. This is a premium range from Black Widow and is a great product to have in the studio or on the road. All tips from this range have been made from 316L quality stainless steel for durability and reliability. The tips are strong and resilient and have a highly polished, professional finish and have been CNC machined. Using a closed tip will mean there much less space for movement of the needles whilst you are tattooing. All tips from the Black Widow Gold range have been made in accordance with European standards and are fully autoclaveable.