Pen Point Diamond 03-05

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Black Widow proudly presents its brand new premium range Black Widow Gold. As part of this range there are a number of quality tips and grips including these Pen Point Diamond 03-05 steel tips made from 316L stainless steel. They have been CNC machine and highly polished for a professional finish. The tips are fully autoclaveable and will give great weight and balance to your machine. These tubes give great ink flow and fantastic visibility. They are especially suitable for apprentices.
These 03-05 stainless steel pen point diamond tips are part of the new Black Widow Premium range, Black Widow Gold. They have been made from 316L stainless steel and have been highly polished to give an extremely professional and hygienic look. They have all been CNC machined for the highest possible hygiene standards and are 100% autoclaveable. Using a diamond tube is particularly useful for apprentices as they are able to see exactly where the needle joins the lines, however they equally good for experienced artist who need to work with precision or on a very delicate of intricate piece.