Pen Point Round 10-14

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Barber DTS are delighted to present 07-09 pen point tips from the Black Widow Gold range. Explicitly used with round needles for working on outlines and small areas of shading. Made to the greatest of standards and sterilised in agreement with European tattoo regulations. Made with the artist in mind and intended to meet your needs and expectations. Appropriate for use in the autoclave to maintain health and safety regulations. A must have for the trained tattooist.
Barber DTS are elated to present the Black Widow Gold range of pen point tips. Used explicitly with round tattoo needles for finishing line work and small areas of shading. The tips are made from high excellence 316L stainless steel and then CNC machined for a solid and dependable finish that can be relied on. They are then polished for a clean looking and professional gleam. Appropriate for use in the autoclave thanks to the hardy stainless steel that can endure its harsh environment. This is great for making sure that health and safety rules are followed in the workplace. To meet your needs and expectations the tips have been made with the artist in mind. A must have for the professional. Available as 07-09 tips. Black widow are a popular company in the UK who sell a variety of tattoo equipment. They are currently looking to expand across Europe and further afield.