Black Widow 28mm

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Barber DTS are delighted to present the 28mm 5 ring knurled grip by Black Widow. Great for day to day use in your studio when tattooing. The grip offers exceptional comfort to stop the artist from tiring so quickly. 5 knurled rings are on various points of the grip to offer extra grip so that accidental slips don’t happen. Made from a high quality stainless steel a strong and resilient finish that is long lasting and reliable. A must have for the professional artist.
Black Widows 28mm 5 ring knurled grip is a must have for the professional tattoo artist. Suitable for daily use in your studio the Black Widow grip will provide you with the comfort you need to tattoo with accuracy and precision. Down the body of the grip are 5 knurled rings to prevent accidental slips when working. 2 small screws can also be located on its body, both of which are used to attach it to the right parts of your tattoo machine. Made from top of the range stainless steel for a strong, resilient, long lasting and dependable finish. Designed with the artist in mind to meet your needs and expectations. To ensure your safety the grip meets all European tattoo regulations that are put in place. A must have for the professional artist. Black Widow have been around for some time now and have grown is size and popularity over the years. They are well known in the UK and are looking to branch out across Europe and further. All of their equipment is of a high standard and made with the artist in mind.