Bishop Rotary - Spare Cam and Bearing 4.2 Extra Long Stoke

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While tattoo machines generally provide you with very durable and reliable products in themselves their components are not always so durable, and because many of the components of a tattoo machine are incredibly small in size they can be easily lost or misplaced, which is most commonly the case with the cam and bearing. To ensure that you don’t suffer too greatly from this loss we offer a selection of replacements and spares, including this particular option of the 4.2 extra-long stroke cam and bearing replacement, which has been manufactured using the highest possible quality materials to ensure the continued durability and effectiveness of the product.
While a tattoo machine might last a lifetime this isn’t always the case for the individual parts of the machine, particularly smaller parts that might be removed to be replaced with different sizes and selections to modify the results and then become lost. If you use your Bishop Rotary tattoo machine for a variety of tasks you will no doubt alternate between the long stroke cam and the extra-long stroke cam, and as these are such as small item it is easy for them to become lost during this transition. To ensure you are never short of what you need we offer a variety of spare and replacement parts, including these 4.2 extra-long stroke cam and bearing spares. These are manufactured using the highest standard of AISI440 medical grade stainless steel on the cam and German bearings with an ABEC-5 rating, so you can have complete confidence of their durability. This is a spare specifically provided for the Bishop Rotary tattoo machine range, and provides you with an ideal replacement option suitable for these machines. Regardless of whether your items have become lost or damaged you could need replacement parts at any time, so it is important that you have access to spares before you need them, these are a cost effective solution, so there is certainly no harm in having one around even if you don’t think you’ll ever need it. The spares provided for these machines are manufactured to the same highs standards as the original parts, so you can be sure that they provide you with a durable and reliable selection.