Ultrawave U300

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This high quality machine from Ultrawave is the perfect model for use in a tattoo studio. Ensure that your instruments and equipment is thoroughly cleaned prior to sterilisation. You will no need to manually clean and scrub at your instruments in tiresome attempts at removing the contaminants and debris associated with the tattoo process. Harness the power of ultrasonic cleansing and see how thoroughly clean your instruments are after just 15 minutes in the U300 unit. It is an unheated ultrasonic bath, meaning it is ideal for even delicate items. With a 2.5l capacity tank, you will be able to fit a multitude of items in at once, cutting down on time and boosting efficiency levels in the studio.
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The Ultrawave U300 is a professional grade ultrasonic cleaning bath. It is an alternative to manually cleaning instruments prior to the sterilisation process. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is used in a variety of industries, including scientific and laboratory research, as acupuncture and tattooing. The U300 is an unheated ultrasonic bath, meaning even delicate instruments and equipment can be cleaned with this machine. It has a 2.5l capacity tank, giving you plenty of space of small scale instruments, grips and tubes. This model features an easy to use analogue timer on the side of the unit, meaning you can simply turn the dial to the required time and press the Sonic button to get started. The unit comes complete with a stainless steel basket and an ABS plastic lid. This machine has a two in one feature, as the lid is also designed to double up as drip tray. This means it will collect the excess water when the basket is removed and acts as a stand for it. The Ultrawave U300 offers 35W of ultrasonic power and has an operating frequency of 44kHz. This model provides the cost benefits of good quality entry level ultrasonics. Produced by Ultrawave, you can be sure of the products renowned quality and reliability.