Back Spring

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The nickel plated back spring by Barber DTS is a must have for the professional tattoo artist. Designed to fit easily into your machine for a quick and simple set up. Used to control the voltage of your machine, the speed it runs a t and the length of stroke it has. This makes the back spring one of the most important components of your tattoo machine for making sure that it runs properly. Made to the highest of standards and in accordance with all European tattoo regulations.
The back spring is one of the most important components of a tattoo machine. The spring is used to affect how much voltage a machine needs, the speed it runs at and the length of stroke it has. This is important for ensuring that your machine runs as it should so that you can work accurately and professionally. This particular spring is made from the best materials on the market and is nickel plated. It has been made with the artist is mind and to the highest of standards for a strong and resilient finish. Carefully designed for the easy insertion and removal of the spring to make setting up quick and easy. A must have piece of kit for the professional artist. Barber DTS are the biggest supplier of tattoo and piecing equipment in the UK. Founded in 2000 as Barber but merged together with Davis Tattoo Supplies (DTS) in 2006 to form the name we know and recognise today. Barber DTS sell everything from the basics to the essentials to fully equip your studio with what it needs to run smoothly and efficiently. They are renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the industry and are famous amongst professionals.