Tattoo Armrest

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Barber DTS are pleased to present a tattoo armrest for daily use in your studio. Used to support the arm as the artist tattoos or pierces the area. Important for keeping the arm steady so that mistakes aren’t made. The armrest is made to the highest of standards using the best materials on the market. It is strong and resilient making sure that it is long lasting. A must have for UK-based tattooing professionals and a great addition to have in any tattoo studio.

Armrests are used for supporting a client’s arm on a daily basis in tattoo and piercing studios in the UK. They are comfortable for the arm to rest on and can be adjusted to the correct height and angle needed. Great for making sure that the arm is supported whilst you tattoo or pierce so that mistakes aren’t made. The stand of the armrest has a three point base making sure that it is sturdy and that it doesn’t move around. A lever arch is used to adjust the height of the stand and a small disk at the top allows the angle of the arm rest to be adjusted. Made from high quality materials and to the highest of standards for a strong, resilient finish.

Barber DTS are a leading supplier of tattoo and piercing equipment and the biggest in the UK. They supply everything you need for smooth and efficient running of your studio, ensuring that you meet European tattoo and piercing regulations. They are renowned for their knowledge and expertise in the industry and are famous among professionals.