Aprons Disposable-Green (Roll)

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These aprons measure 76cm x 147cm and are part of our premium range. They are available in rolls of 50 and have been designed to fit with our apron dispenser. They are strong and durable to guarantee your protection. Wearing an apron while you are tattooing, especially if you are covering large areas can be beneficial as it will protect you and your clothing from any splashes of ink or blood. Using disposable aprons means that you maintain hygiene standard and have the convenience of being able to use one then simply throw away.
If you are conscience about the health and safety standard and levels of hygiene on your tattoo studio then it would be advisable to wear and polythene apron when working, especially when tattooing. This is a great way to protect yourself from any cross-contamination such as blood or ink splashes. These aprons come in roll which makes them easily accessible, especially if they are placed in an apron dispenser. It also keep your workstation clear from any clutter. The aprons are available from Barber on packs of 50 and are 760mm x 1470mm to give the most coverage possible. It you want any further coverage then we also stock a range of plastic sleeves to cover your arms when working.