360º GEM Heavy Duty Round Metal Foot Pedal

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The shiny silver tone base makes this pedal easy to wipe clean as well as being easy to see on the floor of the studio to prevent it becoming a trip hazard. This pedal is ideal for use with a variety of tattoo machines and power supplies. It has a phono connector tip and a 7ft long cord, allowing you to have a versatile equipment set up. The pedal weighs in at 540g, making it lightweight enough to travel with but with enough weight to ensure that it stays secure and stable when in use in the studio.

This heavy duty foot pedal from GEM has a round and circular shape. This allows the freedom and accessibility from 360 degrees. This is extremely useful as it does not mean you will have difficulty adjusting to this new pedal or getting used to the angle required to operate it. You simply press your foot down from any direction to power the machine on and off. This heavy duty foot pedal is robust and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear from daily use in your tattoo studio. It features a 1/4"" phono jack connector as well as a 7ft long cord to give you the freedom in your equipment set up. Having such a versatile item in your studio is sure to improve your tattooing set up and make it easier to use your existing equipment. The pedal also has a tread-lite plastic base. This ensures that it will stay put and not slip across the floor, meaning you will always have easy access to this power control for your tattoo machine. The top section of the pedal is also ridged and textured for extra grip when using it with your foot. The pedal weighs in at 540g. Its dimensions are measured in at 96mm wide and 33mm tall.