2 Pin Plug - Euro Power Lead (Clover) 2m Long

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This is an effective and durable power lead, featuring a European 2 pin plug at one end, and the classic clover connection at the other, to provide you with a reliable connection between these two. Naturally this is only suitable for connection to European 2 pin sockets, but it does provide some flexibility with regards to the equipment it can be used to connect. Any machinery or power supply units that are being connected to the mains power using this lead should of course have a compatible clover connection, but the voltage is not of a huge concern so long as you are willing to change the fuse, as this plug provides you with easy access to the fuse.
A power supply unit is useless without a power lead, and of course finding the right power lead isn’t always easy. This particular option provides you with a durable and reliable selection, featuring the European 2 pin plug at one side and a classic clover connection at the other. This power lead is 2 metres long, which gives you a good length to work with in most studio set ups, and the high standard of manufacture ensures a more flexible and durable result than you might expect with some of the alternatives. This makes a fantastic and cost effective solution for a wide variety of purposes, giving you a long life product that will continue to provide you with exceptional results for a long time to come, regardless of the power supplies, equipment or tattoo machines you choose to operate with the power lead. Of course this is only a suitable selection for working alongside European 2 pin socket systems, but provides an excellent solution under the right conditions. The fuse is easy enough to access and change, so you can adapt this to suit the limitations of the equipment you are working with, ensuring an effective and consistent power source for any supply unit or machine.